Study Plan:

All collections that you have subscribed and your own collections will be shown here.
You can organize your collection with customizing the "Priority". This will change the order of how they will be shown to you on the Study Plan of your Study Coach.
Furthermore you can temporarily pause collections you would like to be "Paused" and learn them another time.


All the collections you created that have not been published will be saved inside the drafts. Also, when you unpublish your collections with the button “Make Private”, the collections will move back to the drafts. Everything in the drafts is private.


All your collections that you have published will be listed in the “Published” tab. Here you can also edit this collections. 

My Inbox:

All thoughts you created and not yet moved to any collection will be saved in the Inbox. Including the thoughts from the Chrome Add-on (Web Clipper). If you are not sure where to save specific thoughts, you can save them in your inbox. Everything in your inbox is private.

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