Changing Mindsets
We often carry beliefs about ourselves and our environment which are not necessarily true. Changing your mindset may change the way you approach things, which in return will change the outcome you will receive from your environment.
Changing Habits
Just as we sometimes engage in mindsets that do not serve us, we also engage in habits that are self-sabotaging. Actually, both are closely related. To support your day-to-day actions towards a better version of yourself- with the right amount of inspiration, the MindZip study coach will be the right tool for you.
Organizing yourself
If not put into the right direction, our thoughts can be quite chaotic sometimes. Use MindZip to restructure your thoughts and thereby gaining control over them, by simply choosing which kind of thoughts you want to repeat.
Saving random thoughts
Many people know situations where they get an unexpected flash of inspiration. These are usually moments where you are not prepared and therefore don’t carry a piece of paper and a pen with you. Chances are, you carry your smartphone with you instead. Using MindZip this way, you can save random thoughts and put them in a collection to remind you of their relevance to your own life.
Preparing for a special event
Ever had a public speech or an important meeting? It can be quite scary when you’re not prepared. Often times there are do’s and don’ts in such situations. You can use MindZip (especially its quick access function) to condition yourself before entering into such a situation.
Refreshing ideas/concepts from books you have read
When you read a book one time, usually you forget most of it after a while. Even though the information you received from the book has not truly disappeared, you can’t remember it anymore. Now if you use MindZip to repeat the key takeaways from the book you have read, soon you are going to remember again!
Building networks
What keeps people together? The answer is: Potentially many things. Anyhow, one of these things certainly are shared interests. It is manifested that somebody who likes the same books as you do- shares the same interest. This could be the cornerstone for any communication you might have.

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